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Employee Benefits (Group Health Insurance)


Group Health Insurance Products & Consulting:

Small Group (1-100)
Middle Market (100+)


Private Exchange:

We can provide you with access to a web-based health insurance exchange platform for your employees. The exchange includes decision-making tools so employees can choose what works for their budget and lifestyle.


FSA, HRA, HSA Products & Consulting:

We can assist you with leveraging IRS tax rules and providing benefits and reimbursements on a pre-tax basis.


Executive Benefits Consulting:

We can provide you with robust reimbursement coverage for medical, dental, vision, prescriptions, flex expenses and more. This includes services such as TopDoc, executive physical coverage, and the Take Me Home emergency travel program.

Individual Benefits 

Individual Health Care Marketplace:

Savoy Marketplace offers a variety of health, dental, vision, ancillary, and Medicare insurance products for individuals, families, and select small employers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

This broker’s website is not the Health Insurance Marketplace website. A link to the FFM website is: Furthermore, this broker’s website does not display all Qualified Health Plan (“QHP”) information. Information required under §155.205(b)(1) for the QHP is available on the Exchange website noted above.



Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment Services:

We offer assistance with determining Medicaid eligibility for your low-income workers as well as enrollment. 


Ancillary Benefits 

Dental Insurance:

We will find the best possible alternatives for your dental needs by utilizing over 20 carriers. We are your resource for ACA compliance for pediatric dental and can provide you with guidance to help you continue to offer competitive benefits for your employees.


Life Insurance:

We can help you to obtain tax compliant plans and provide outlets for your employees to maximize financial benefits and get protection in times of need. We also offer the most cost efective Group, Individual, or Worksite solutions for your business.


Long Term and Short Term Disability Protection:

We can assist you with finding the most cost effective and comprehensive packages for your employees, while working to avoid claims issues and providing resources to answer the needs of statutory disability programs.


Products Consulting Services:

Our team of seasoned benefits professionals will help you to navigate the various benefits options and choose the right package to suit the needs of your business.


Value-Added Services

Worksite Marketing

We have over 20 carriers available on one streamlined enrollment platform! CORE certified benefits counselors and our professionals will help you to build your ideal benefits packages.


Wellness Programs

We can help you to set up a customized wellness program for your employees, complete with personal wellness portals, health coaches, rewards programs, health metrics tracking and more!


Health Care Reform Compliance

PPACA Resources


ERISA Compliance Consulting

5500 Filing Assistance

Disclosure Review

Document Drafting


Worker Compensation

HR Solutions


Human Resources and Payroll Services

HR services and support complete with a Human Resource Information System.


Employee Advocacy

In addition to services through Health Advocate, Klein Associates is on your side. We provide your employees with the support they require to navigate their benefits, get claims paid, and more.


Physician/Network Match Reporting & Disruption Analysis

We check your current physicians to ensure they participate with the health plan you are interested in enrolling in.


Educational Meetings

We conduct seminars throughout the year at the offices of our clients to educate their employees on various issues, including the Employer Responsibility Play or Pay Mandate and other compliance-related issues that may arise as a result of PPACA.


COBRA Administration:

We will collect your benefit information, set up COBRA software and modify notices, provide communications to existing COBRA members, and set up direct billing with insurance carriers where available.


Klein Associates offers a wide range of services including employee benefits, individual health care, and ancillary benefits. In addition, we provide value-added support such as employee advocacy, ERISA compliance consulting, worksite marketing, and more.

Employer Services

Employee Benefits
Individual Benefits
Ancillary Benefits
Added-Value Benefits
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As your broker, we go above and beyond by taking care of every last detail, including: 

Eligibility Guidance

Enrollment and Installation Meetings

Comprehensive Benefits and Rate Analysis

Employer/Employee Communication Services

Personalized Employee Service

Complete Benefits Administrative Support:

  • Carrier Administrative Issues

  • Claims Administration and Adjudication

  • Enrollment Administration

  • Member Enrollment Changes

  • Waiting Periods, Screening and Processing Applications

  • Terminations

  • Student Verification

  • Billing Reconciliation

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